Holy Sweetness

Let me start by saying that Scout is my favoritest dog EVER. I love my other dogs but she has a special place in my heart. She is wonderful and can do no wrong. Well, at least since she turned 3. Before that I was forced to overlook her various youthful acts of destruction to maintain my belief that she is the perfect dog.

She is one of those amazing dogs that knows her place in the pack yet can be granted certain privileges. She is the only dog allowed on the couch and the bed because she never seems to forget her role. She is a lover and protector of the kids and I never worry when she is around.


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Shorter days, spectacular views


I was driving around, killing time while my youngest was in ballet today. Up on Skyline, there is a photography pull-off place that offers panoramic views of Homer, the Spit, Katchemak Bay and the mountains. I was there just as the sun was setting…a little after 4pm. It was spectacular! The only camera I had with me was my iPhone, so I used it. Then I played with the shot in one of the photo apps. I am kinda ho-hum about the effect, but hey…I live here now so I can return with my dslr at a later date.

The sun is now rising around 9:30 am, so the days really are getting shorter. However, I am not complaining. If I had moved here directly from Minnesota, this would be a shock and I would probably be bothered by it. After living on the North Slope and having the sun completely disappear for 65 days, this is a piece of cake.

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